Keith S., Vernon, BC

"Your Eco Easy Hull Clean is unreal!! BEST CLEANER on the market."

Justin Pasutto, Scrub Captain Mobil Boat Detailers

"Being as busy as we are servicing the Okanagan detailing boats, we look for quick efficient products that we can trust and actually work. The Hull Clean by Eco Easy Clean is by far the best product we use."

Dave B., Campion Marine Inc.

"I have been in the boat business for over 30 years and found only acid based products worked well for cleaning boat hulls. Until now! Eco Easy Clean Hull Clean works as well as the acid based products I’ve used. No need to hire an expensive professional to do the cleaning, you can do it right in your own driveway. A green product that works!"

Ron Pfob, President and CEO of Malibu Marine Ltd.
Kelowna, BC. Canada.

“We at Malibu Marine value our environment on a business level as well as a personal level so we are exceptionally stringent on the products we choose to use and promote.
For hull cleaning there is nothing on the market that compares to that of Eco Easy Clean Hull Clean. It exceeds our requirements for environmental protection and out performs any other eco friendly hull cleaner.
Eco Easy Clean Hull Clean is extremely safe and effortless for our staff to use and our customers are especially pleased to see that it is safe for our environment.”

Aqua Marine Valet
Kelowna, BC. Canada.

“I cannot begin to express my excitement for when “Eco Easy Clean products" were first introduced to us. In the past, products that were normally designed for cleaning hulls and interiors on boats have not only been environmentally unfriendly but uncomfortable to work with and harmful to skin and the respiratory system due to their corrosive and chemical natures. It was especially difficult to clean algae and water stains as there was quite a process to suit up and try to be protected under a boat. The day Eco Easy Clean walked through our door we shelved all other products and have not looked back! People are still astounded when I show them how well and quickly it works. It truly is “Easy”. Thank you to Eco Easy Clean for a remarkable product.”

Port Sandfield Marina, Port Sandfield, Ontario

"The Multi-Purpose cleaner worked, very well. We were quite impressed!"